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Our Team: Team

Our team consists of experts from the buy-side, sell-side and medical technology industry.



Founder and Managing Partner,

MedTex Ventures


Partner, MedTex Ventures

CEO, Biotex Inc.

John Fichthorn brings 25 years of investment analysis and fund management experience. John co-founded Dialectic Capital Management in 2003 and sold its funds to B. Riley Financial in 2017, where he then served as Head of Alternatives. He has a fundamental value approach across multiple strategies, liquid and private, with expertise in corporate governance from serving on multiple public and private boards.

Dr. Ashok Gowda brings industry knowledge and proven development capability. He has 23 years of experience developing and commercializing medical devices and a deep network at Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest hospital complex. Ashok is CEO of Biotex, Inc. and has ownership in over a dozen startups. Ashok sold his first company, Visualase, to Medtronic for $100 million.



Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer,

MedTex Ventures

Trevor Uhl brings over two decades of leadership experience in investment management, including executive positions at JP Morgan Private Bank and B. Riley Wealth Management. In addition to these roles, Trevor spent thirteen years building startup asset managers, serving as a hedge fund allocator and advising alternative investment firms on strategy and structuring.



Consultant, MedTex Ventures

Chief Executive Officer, CardioFocus Inc.

Stephan Ogilvie brings extensive industry knowledge and contacts in the medical device sector. His sell-side healthcare experience includes equity research at Lazard and investment banking at B. Riley Securities. Steve currently serves as CEO of CardioFocus, and has direct operational experience inside large and small medical device companies including Medtronic, NuVasive and Test Anywhere Technology (co-founder).


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